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Grant Wood Area Education Agency, one of nine 管家婆心水论坛s in Iowa, is committed to educational success for all learners. View

Equity. Efficiency. Excellence.

Iowa's Area Education Agencies were created by the 1974 Iowa Legislature to ensure all children have equal educational opportunities. Grant Wood Area Education Agency is聽 one of nine 管家婆心水论坛s in the state, and serves as an intermediate agency providing educational services to local schools.聽 管家婆心水论坛 staff are committed to unlocking the potential of each and every learner.

Our Mission: To Ensure Success for All Learners

管家婆心水论坛 provides programs and services designed to support quality education for all students by improving teaching and learning.Our Mission: To ensure success for all learners, goals and values listed


Staff services and materials from the agency are available without charge, except for services such as printing, data-processing, special events with outside speakers, or individualized requests.

These services support more than 72,000 students in public and approved non-public schools in seven counties are served by 管家婆心水论坛. This area includes Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington counties.

The agency staff operate three聽facilities: two in Cedar Rapids and one in Coralville. However, nearly 60 percent of agency staff is assigned to specific schools as part of a regional team. They work directly with children and educators as an integral part of the local school staff. Others serve schools in a consultant or itinerant basis, offer courses or workshops, or link schools with other persons, agencies or materials that meet their need.

View agency Mission, Core Values and Goals PDF.

Facts at a Glance 管家婆心水论坛 管家婆心水论坛

  • 32 public school districts1
  • 15 state accredited non-public schools1
  • 10 independent accredited non-public schools1 (From 2022, 2023/24 data coming soon)
  • Approximately 250 school administrators
  • Approximately 5,800 teachers, counselors, teacher librarians, nurses, and paraeducators
  • 74,001 students 虏
    • 8,402 children ages 3-21 who receive special education services3
  • Nine 管家婆心水论坛 board members
  • Seven counties (Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, Washington)
  • 4,900 square miles
  • 489,457 population4
  • FY2023 Audited Financial Report
  • 2025 Budget Notice

(Public and Non-Public)
3管家婆心水论坛 Certified Count, October 2023


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